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Our attorneys represent clients through all stages of the litigation process, with emphasis on complex litigation and trials. ASM’s attorneys have an exceptional record of success in trials. We also work to encourage dispute resolution when appropriate including mediation, arbitration and traditional settlement negotiation. .

ASM attorneys advise and represent major stakeholders within the hospitality industry. We offer strategic counsel on everything from acquisitions and project development through operations, employment and labor concerns, regulatory compliance, commercial dealings, litigation and crisis management.

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ASM assists you with everything from cutting-edge coverage issues on matters of first impression, to routine questions from claims personnel who need practical answers in real time. Clients rely on our deep experience to evaluate the merits of claims quickly and efficiently and identify the best course of action under a broad range of circumstances.

ASM has a well-established record of success in effective representation of skilled nursing facilities and other long-term care providers. Our attorneys recognize the unique balance between a resident’s rights and our client’s right to fair representation of its facility and practices.

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Our Appellate practice provides comprehensive expertise in appellate-related matters, including extraordinary writs, post-judgment motions as well as civil appeals.  The firm’s appellate counsel has litigated numerous civil appeals through out the State of Ohio and have been called upon to assist counsel at the trial stage with appellate issue preservation.

In today’s climate, businesses face increasing compliance issues in every facet of employment relations. ASM can assists employers in avoiding litigation by taking preventative steps to minimize the risk. ASM's attorneys are also experienced litigators in employment-related issues, including contracts, wage and hour claims, discrimination, harassment, retaliation and wrongful termination.

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